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About Medisyne Ltd

Our Story

From humble beginnings…

Our co-founders combined their experience in health informatics and acute healthcare to deign, develop and present their first proof of principle device demonstrating innovative technology in realtime.

Driven by innovation

A period of rapid testing, research and engineering followed, taking our founders to meet with leaders in the field.

Onwards and upwards

Ongoing research and commercialisation

We are now working on realising the company ambition of improving healthcare through innovation and our founders continue to present this vision to experts worldwide.

How we build things

We adopt a grass roots approach to innovation, starting with involving the very people we are aiming to support (patients, public and healthcare staff). We then focus on research and developing new techniques and technology to help address old problems. We pride ourselves on being bold and disruptive to old ways of working, yet empathetic and compassionate placing people at the centre of what we do.

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