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A novel device for automating urine output
monitoring in hospitalised patients.

In the busy hospital environment, even small delays in providing fluid resuscitation
in response to changes in clinical parameters, such as reducing urine output, can
result in poorer outcomes. INFLUx is an automated urine output
monitoring device that will free healthcare staff to focus on other important tasks,
such as monitoring sick patients’ breathing and heart, and will alert them if the
device identifies the patient has deteriorating urine production. Using this novel
device, we will undertake a study to provide insights into how urine output is
related to outcomes in patients with COVID-19.

Our automated device records fluid balance for the healthcare staff, streamlining
the process and actively alerts staff when urine output has indicated a clinical
deterioration or change in the patient’s conditions. This allows staff to focus on
more important tasks such as monitoring the heart and breathing of COVID-19

Optimal fluid management is a rapidly advancing area of research but careful
urine output monitoring remains a pivotal parameter in determining optimal fluid
management. However, monitoring urine output is a tedious task, which
unfortunately can be prone to human error, especially when staff are busy or tired.
There is a clear need for an automated mechanism to collect and record urine
output, and if there is clinical deterioration, to flag this appropriately to the relevant
staff. This would free staff up during this challenging time to do what they do best,
interpreting this information and acting on it accordingly.

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